The US Army looks to USfalcon to maintain its helicopters to meet its operational and training missions
We are not just committed to the success of our customers; we are committed to serving our communities
When NAVSEA needed help attracting the next generation of engineers and scientists,
USfalcon made it happen
When the Justice Department needed technology solutions to fight terrorism,
USfalcon delivered

What We Do

USfalcon brings fresh ideas and powerful insights to the Government's toughest challenges.

Complex challenges come in many forms and the one thing they have in common is the need for fresh ideas, powerful insights and an engaged and talented team. USfalcon delivers strong leadership and expertise to each contract and project.

Aviation Maintenance Engineering (AME)

Engineering, design, fabrication, maintenance support, test and evaluation and quality are the key components of support we provide our customers enhancing their capabilities, ensuring mission readiness.

Information Technology Solutions (ITS)

We help our clients identify, design, develop and implement IT applications, operational guidance, and long-term strategies to leverage information and knowledge for optimal business results.

Aerospace Operations (ASO)

We support our clients with experts who provide positive strategic, operational, and tactical level influence on the Air Force’s current and future Space capabilities, helping to provide an effect on the warfighting capability of the country.

Business Operations Management (BOM)

We deliver solutions in the areas of strategy development through execution, performance measurement, strategic communications, and organizational and workforce performance, including strategic alignment, leader and executive development, workforce planning, and recruiting and retention.

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