Leadership Team

Mark Cravens

Mark Cravens is Vice President of Operations at USfalcon. In this capacity he leads the Air and Space Operations (ASO) Business Unit with a primary focus on implementing their growth goals in support of the USfalcon corporate strategic plan. Mark is an accomplished leader with over 40 years of technical support and program management experience. Mark joined USfalcon in December of 2021 as our Colorado Springs General Manager and exercises leadership for our employees and over our existing customers and contracts, as well as our business relationships and growth strategies.

Prior to joining USfalcon Mark was a US Marine serving as a Naval Aviator, airborne parachutist and weapons and tactics instructor in joint and allied, air and ground combat, contingency and peacetime roles. Mark served as command and instructor pilot across multiple tactical combat aircraft and weapons platforms. Mark served in ground forces roles as Director of Operations and Joint Fire Support Coordinator with an airborne parachutist organization. During his time in uniform, Mark graduated from the US Naval Postgraduate School as a certified Safety Officer, Crew Resource Instructor, and Mishap Investigator. Mark finished his time in uniform with a Joint tour in the Cheyenne Mountain Operations Command Center in Colorado Springs as the on-duty space expert, as Deputy Director for Operations, and as Senior Standards and Evaluation Instructor for the Joint and Bi-National Command. Mark proudly served his Nation for 21 years with contingency and combat tours of duty in the Middle and Far East, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere.

Outside of his time with USfalcon, Mark manages his horse property, provides self-defense instruction, and participates in family and church activities.